GLENN HUGHES Blames 'Dehydration' For Abbreviated Christchurch Concert; Tour To Continue As...


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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
Glenn Hughes will continue his tour of New Zealand and Australia after doctors said he was suffering from dehydration. The former DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist was assessed by doctors in Christchurch Wednesday morning after being forced to cut short the first New Zealand show due to what witnesses called "some sort of a medical event". But in a video message posted earlier today, Glenn said that he will carry on with the rest of the tour. "Last night was a bit of a hiccup," he said. "I had dehydration from not drinking enough water. Note to self: Mr. Hughes, drink water." Hughes spent Tuesday night in a Christchurch hospital after leaving the stage at Horncastle Arena with fifteen minutes remaining in his set. He later wrote that he "felt dizzy" and "couldn't make the full show." He added that he "played for one hour and forty-five minutes when" he left the stage, assisted by his tech. Glenn's tour continues Wednesday night at Wellington's Michael Fowler Centre. Hughes and his backing band — Jeff Kollman, Lachy Doley and Pontus Engborg — are revisiting some of DEEP PURPLE's best-known songs for the first time on the current trek. Hughes played his last show with DEEP PURPLE in March 1976, three years after joining the band.

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