Happy Birthday Winmar!


Apr 13, 2001
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Seeing as how today is the 23rd of January and all I thought you should have birthday thread! It's quite rude of you not to have turned up in the last week or so and acknowledged it.

Ummm, yeah. I think we can get away with that.

Where have you been lately? We should catch up champ!!! If you ain't doin anything on Saturday night you should check out Back In The Day for a night of rockin' 80s hard rock & metal!
Happy Birthday! Oh man, this has taken approx 11 days to finally work! I swear I posted this APPROX 23RD JANUARY.
Hehe thanks all! :) 'tis better late than never. :)

I've not been on in a week or so because I usually do so at gran's on the weekend, but her phone was down for a few days because of the storms. Only got back up yesterday I think. Dang I need my own pc and phone connection.

I was gonna ask you about Back in the Day, Trent! And yeah it has been quite a while! Ah Saturday just gone? I think I saw an ad for another one on the 19th...is that correct? I want to check it out - is it pretty popular? I just bought a kick arse Motley Crue DVD the other day in preparation. Rock. I've been afraid of turning up alone...usually I rock up at gigs and see a few (or heaps of) people I know, but I'm not sure about BitD. How often's it held? If I intend to go one night I'll check if you're going first. I'll need to get drunk - that kind of night would be tops if I had a few beers in me. Cool. :)
Why isn't this thread showing up the top of the page now I've posted in it? Strange. Let's see if it does now.
You'll know alot of people there don't worry about that. This year the first Saturday of every month is the "normal" Back In The Day, and the 3rd Saturday of every month they have a band night there, where a band plays as well as the normal BITD stuff as well. I'm not sure if the bands are doing one big set or acting as a house band playing a few songs here and there between the normal music.

So it goes like this so far:

February 5
February 19 - With Thunderstruck playing
March 5
March 19 - With The Deadthings playing
April 2
April 16 - With Teargas playing
May 7
Should be good :)

You're in their first video clip too in a crowd shot for a second lol. Should be online soon but in crap quality so its fast to download. I can give you a VCD with it though if you want along with a bunch of Ratt video clips I have on VCD lol.

There's another Geelong trip coming up in April too. Can't wait!