Heavy Metal Classics Collection on Karthago Records / PURE STEEL RECORDS!


Feb 11, 2011
For all fans of 80s Metal Karthago Records (sublabel of PSR) has prepared something special. In the following months there will be a Heavy Metal Classics Collection with (re)releases on CD and also partly on vinyl! We will present 1 - 2 albums per months. This editions has lots of special features; the CDs and vinyls will offer you:

- limited numbered edition in small quantities (CD: 500 – 700 pieces, LP: 250 – 500 pieces)
- digital remastering
- mostly using of original coverartwork
- detailed booklet with band history, information about band, photos, lyrics etc.
- coloured tray
- handnumbered certificate
- confirmed authenticity by hologram
- bonus tracks with lots of previously unreleased material!

The best decade of Heavy Metal lives on with Karthago / Pure Steel! 80s Metal rules!
For further information please check http://www.karthago-records.com/.

If your bands has also lost or never released Metal emeralds, please feel free and strongly invited to contact our headquarter for a possible release of this musical material. We will answer all questions concerning the publishing, release, copyrights, remastering and all other matters to make a cooperation working perfect with us and getting an outstanding result!
The release date of the DAWN HAWK album „Dawn Hawk“ on CD is October 23rd, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on October 9th, 2015 in our webshop.

DAWN HAWK from Essen/Germany are known to all collectors of rarities because of their extremely hard to get same-titled album from 1990. The brilliant cover artwork, which shows a bird of prey, is an additional appeal to find this album.

1990 was not a good time for LPs and for traditional Heavy Metal. This does not change the quality of the material but Grunge had become a favourite with the masses and pure Heavy Metal was not interesting any more. Songs like “Running Wild” or “Nighthawk” are especially outstanding on DAWN HAWK’s debut album. “Into the Night” and “Freedom” are two good ballads, which can be found in final, better versions on the following album “Judas”.

Frank Noak’s strangely nasal voice gave the band an original touch, which can be heard in “Love is Truth”, another very strong ballad. The bonus tracks on this Karthago Classics CD are some very successful songs like “Win or Lose” or “Raised by Wolves”, released for the first time, and exclusively on this CD!


1. Here We Are
2. Running Wild
3. Flying High
4. Never
5. Freedom
6. Love Is Blind
7. Going Crazy
8. Into The Night
9. Berlin
10. Nighthawk
11. Raised By Wolves (Bonustrack)
12. Dragon Tears (Bonustrack)
13. Love Is Truth (Bonustrack)
14. Warning (Bonustrack)
15. Win Or Lose (Bonustrack)
16. It Will Get You (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time 75:55 min


Frank Noak - vocals
K.D. Haak - bass
Frank Vandevera - guitars
Werner Lieder - drums


CAMELOT/NIGHTPROWLER Split CD „Stranger in the Twilight/Nightprowler” Cover, Tracklist, release date: 30th October 2015

The release date of the CAMELOT/NIGHTPROWLER split album „Stranger in the Twilight/Nightprowler“ on CD is October 30th, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on October 16th, 2015 in our webshop.


While CAMELOT from Wuppertal/Germany were active, they only released one mini-album. This album is a good example of German 80s Heavy Metal, although the cover artwork is really uninspired. “Young Man”, the first song on the album, is catchy and powerful. But you will have to ignore the bad pronunciation, which is typical of many German albums in the 80s. “Working Hard”, the first song on the B-side, is again a very catchy Metal song, which is the second highlight on this mini-album. The final “I’m a Tramp” is also on a good level. The way the band plays is very refined and their compositions are convincing. If CAMELOT had had a record label as support, they definitely could have been more successful.


NIGHTPROWLER from Dusseldorf/Germany had as little success as CAMELOT. But their 1986 maxi-single is nevertheless very sought after. Both EP-songs “Attention” and “Nightprowler” are typical examples of the imitation of the British scene and they are definitely a must for all NWoBHM-fans. The bonus tracks on this CD are early demos and live-gigs and show a band, which has assimilated influences from MOTÖRHEAD and WARFARE. Thy vinyl definitely contained the most refined and promising songs of NIGHTPROWLER. Unfortunately there were no other releases of this band.


1. Young Man
2. You Came For Me
3. Working Hard
4. I'm a Tramp

5. Attention
6. Nightprowler
7. Truck Driver (Bonustrack)
8. Rock'n'Roll Lady (Bonustrack)
9. S.O.B. (Bonustrack, Live)
10. Alcohol (Bonustrack)
11. The Letter (Bonustrack Live)
12. Black Sheep (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time: 54:32 min

Harry Rein – vocals Michael
Rokker – drums
Claus Riedel – bass
Ronnie Rodney – guitars
guest musician Benedikt Koch – keyboards
Holger vom Scheidt – backing vocals

Max Steglich – vocals
Ringo Nischak – bass
Udo Marsch – drums
Uwe Kunze – rhythm guitars
Tucky Ptak – lead guitars

„Stranger in the Twilight/Nightprowler” @ KARTHAGO RECORDS


DAWN HAWK "Judas" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 15th January 2016

The release date of the DAWN HAWK album „Judas“ on CD is January 15th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on January 1st, 2016 in our webshop.

DAWN HAWK from Essen/Germany are known to all collectors of rarities because of their extremely hard to get same-titled album from 1990. The second album from 1991 "Judas" is even rarer because of its missing distribution.

1991 was not a good time for LPs and for traditional Heavy Metal. This does not change the quality of the material. “Wonderful World”, “Keep on Moving” and “Flying High” are all very professional and harmonious. If you didn’t hear the extremely hard and exceptional song “Judas” together with the other songs, you wouldn’t believe that it is a song by DAWN HAWK.

But also the two ballads “Into the Night” and “Freedom” in new editions were on highest level.This is a hint to where the band was going to: more experiments and more originality. But unfortunately the band didn’t get that far. “Judas” is a forgotten classic and thus is definitely right to be included in the Karthago Records Heavy Metal Classics series.

Frank Noak’s strangely nasal voice gave the band an original touch. The bonus tracks on this Karthago Classics CD were from the totally obscure ROSEBUD - album and show also the great quality of the band with classics like "Running home" or another fantastic ballad called "Time to live, time to die". So this release is inevitable for every 80s Metal fan!


1. Freedom
2. Wonderful World
3. Flying High
4. Our Way To Rock
5. Into The Night
6. Keep Moving
7. Judas Priest
8. Love At First Sight
9. Armageddon (Bonustrack)
10. Running Home (Bonustrack)
11. Kick it Down (Bonustrack)
12. Time To Life, Time To Die (Bonustrack)
13. Fire (Bonustrack)
14. Break My Heart (Bonustrack)
15. Fall From An Angel (Bonustrack)
16. So Shy (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time 75:55 min


Frank Noak – vocals
K.D. Haak – bass
Frank Vandevera – guitars
Werner Lieder – drums


NINJA "Invincible" - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 08th April 2016

The release date of the NINJA album „Invincible“ on CD is April 08th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on March 25th, 2016 in our webshop.

NINJA from Wuppertal/Germany released their first album „Invincible“ in 1988. This album, in the tradition of ACCEPT, GRAVESTONE, STORMWITCH and similar bands, seems as strong as the works of those well-known bands. Powerful songs like the title-track, "Phoenix", "Ever...y hour" or "Strangers" are completely convincing. And there is, of course, a (half-)ballad. „Follow me“ is extraordinary; this gentle song has a very powerful chorus. There is no weak song on this album, this is why „Invincible“ is one of the strongest „forgotten“ German Metal-albums of the 80s!


1. Invincible
2. Phoenix
3. Wet Dreams
4. Hard As Steel
5. Follow Me
6. Every Hour
7. Strangers
8. Rich Man
9. Hold On
10. Farewell
Total Playing Time 39:42 min


Hans Heringer - drums
Holger vom Scheidt - vocals
Ulrich Siefen - guitars
Michael Posthaus - bass
Carsten Sperl – guitars


NINJA „Liberty" - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 20th May 2016

The release date of the NINJA album „Liberty“ on CD is May 20th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on May 06th, 2016 in our webshop.
„Liberty“ from 1992 was originally recorded only on CDR. This album is a bit more commercial than the band’s debut album, concerning songwriting and production. "Ice in your hand" and the very catchy songs "Time time" and "Runner in the night" show you this, but it is still a very strong Heavy Metal album. 1992 was a bit late for well-played Heavy Metal, so the band could not make a break-through anymore; and it was only a demo they had recorded, even though it was a very good one. „Winds of war“ was a really strong ballad, but this could not help either. But NINJA did not give up.


1. Glory Seven
2. Ice In Your Hand
3. Time Time
4. Get It All Up
5. Killer No 9
6. Runner in the Night
7. Winds Of War
8. Scream Out
9. Snickers from Space
10. Liberty
Total Playing Time: 45:37min

Holger vom Scheidt – vocals
Jörg Lennart – bass
Bernd Rohde – guitars
André Hilgers – drums
Martin Reinert – guitars


NINJA „Valley Of Wolves" - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 22nd July 2016

The release date of the NINJA album „Valley Of Wolves“ on CD is July 22nd, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on July 8th, 2016 in our webshop.

„Valley of Wolves“ was released in 1997 as demo-CDR. But in those days – like nowadays – nobody was interested in CDRs. Songs like „Silver Dagger“ or the title track are very good and present German Heavy Metal like it should have been in the 80s. But it was the year 1997. The 90s were not a good decade for Heavy Metal and not many fans discovered these songs. „Kings Waltz“ was a nice song and is convincing with its statement: "I don't want to live the life of a Zombie". And if you are forced to a „Dirty Job“, than it is better to be forced musically by NINJA. Here are obvious parallels to AC/DC and NINJA are certainly not worse than their role model. There are also the strange song „Herbert“ and the really good track „Heart of a Beggar“. The album ends with the anthem-like „Alright“. A good song and yes, the 1997 opus of NINJA is definitely alright and this is why it is released in the Karthago classics series!


1. Valley Of Wolves
2. King Of Waltz
3. Majesty
4. Dirty Job
5. Galaxy
6. The Amazing World of Franki K.
7. Heart of a Beggar
8. Herbert
9. Silver Dagger
10. Alright
Total Playing Time: 40:30 min

Holger vom Scheidt – vocals
Ulrich Siefen – guitars

"Valley Of Wolves" @ KARTHAGO RECORDS

BLACK DIAMOND „Faces" - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 26th August 2016

The release date of the BLACK DIAMOND album „Faces“ on CD is August 26th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on August 12th, 2016 in our webshop.

BLACK DIAMOND from Northrhine-Westfalia/Germany was Andreas Roch's project before DORIAN GRAY. His musical abilities showed themselves for the first time with BLACK DIAMOND and luckily he made also some albums with his later band. Sadly BLACK DIAMOND released only one EP in 1985. All other songs were put out only as Demos. The speedy sound on the EP combined with catchy songlines ("Break out", "Hard Rock" and "Temple Of Love") was typical for the time but had a higher class than many competitors.

The musical direction changed a little bit with the 1989-Demo. "Hello Again" and "Night Rider" were less speedy but catchy again. "Delivery" and "Rock Time" contained an epic touch. Really fine material without doubt, but the missing promotion and distribution made it hard for this good band to survive. The vocalist Uwe Merz and main songwriter Andy Roch decided to open a new chapter and founded DORIAN GRAY. Many more great and unique songs were written and released on 6 albums (one album was only instrumental work), but the success never came, because also with DORIAN GRAY marketing and distribution were too weak to support a breakthrough in a reasonable way!


1. Fight Together
2. Break Out
3. Metal Opening - Rockwire
4. Hard Rock
5. Temple of Love
6. Angel's Ride (Bonustracks)
7. Surplus Love (Bonustrack)
8. Time (Bonustrack)
9. Watch Out (Bonustrack)
10. Rock Time (Bonustrack)
11. Night Rider (Bonustrack)
12. Delivery (Bonustrack)
13. Hello Again (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time 55:46 min


Uwe Merz - vocals
Mike "Animal" Strelow - bass
Andreas "Andy" Roch - lead & rhythm guitars
Klaus Jankord – lead & rhythm guitars
Klaus 'Grizzly' Nowack (tracks 3-5) - drums
Guido Meyer (tracks 1-2) – drums

CRACK JAW "Branded" - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 30th September 2016

The release date of the CRACK JAW album „Branded“ on CD is September 30th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on September 16th, 2016 in our webshop.

After "Nightout" in 1985, the band CRACK JAW recorded another second album which was never released. The band itself was still into great true melodic Heavy Metal!

So for us it is really nice to listen to an album which was really good and for sure it has deserved to see the light of day even more than 20 years after it was recorded. As a special bonus for this Karthago CD the band recorded two songs completely new, so you will find these as a special gift in addition to the original album.


1. Beyond the Border
2. Trojan Horse
3. Branded
4. Rainbow Cruise
5. Wayside Icon
6. Metal Master
7. Hellkids of Rock
8. Touch and Burn
9. Long Cold Lonely Nights
10. Allied
Recorded 2016
11. Stories (Bonustrack)
12. Breaking Away (Bonustrack)
Sound revision 2016
13. Beyond the Border (Bonustrack)
14. Trojan Horse (Bonustrack)
15. Wayside Icon (Bonustrack)
16. Casual Matters (Bonustrack)


Line Up:
Jürgen Schulz-Anker – guitars
Stephan Kiegerl – vocals
Markus Klinke – drums
Gerrit Eisenmenger – bass
Holger Eckstein – leadguitars, keyboards