Hellfest 08

I´m going. Haven't been before. Please, inform me about the festival. How was it last year. When does the camp open?
Hah, sorry this will be my first time going as well.
Apparently it was pretty badly organised last year, but they say it'll be better this time.
The line-up looks amazing so I don't care. ;p
I'd imagine the campsite opens on the Thursday. But I could be wrong.
I'm spending a night or two in Nantes beforehand anyway.
Some info I picked up at the Hellfest forum:
*the last 2 years it has opened the thursday before the fest, and closed the monday after the fest, I don't think there would be many people there if they opened more than that yet, it's not big enough yet.

*According to what I've read is the French forum, the camping area will be very close the the site this year (5 min walking). I just saw your fear of n°2 in another topic : the organisation said they would do a great effort regarding toilets and showers this year. There is a big supermarket nearby where you can do some shopping and a McDonald's where you can have a dump.

*this is not a big festival. Nothing to compare with WOA. The capacity allowed on the festival site is about 14,000 per day.

An attender tells from last year:

I thought I would never attend the festival again due to being pissed of at small but things I think are vital for a festival.

First of all I would like to say the availibilty of running tap water in the festival area is nil and if there was some taps which I missed they were not placed well and not enough around the festival grounds. This I think is not good for festival goers if they are dehydrated and have to leave the grounds and walk for maybe 20minutes or more to their tent and get water with the possibility of missing a band they may have travelled to see.

Lack of toilets in the festival area was disgraceful also, there was one toilet and a couple of urinals for the men to use. I don't care about pissing against a fence but if one needs to do a number two what are they to do queue for half an hour! No one should have to wait that long, its just wrong altogether.

Main stage had sound problems for probably half of the bands I watched on it.

Variety in food stalls was pretty bad too imo, a bit more variety and I think the issue would be resolved.

Don't take this thread the wrong way I had a brilliant weekend me and my mates had such great craic and I think if these issues were to be resolved it would make a much more pleasant festival experience for everyone attending

I think I heard this Dead tree band once, It was fine. gothic doom I recall.... I just stumbled upon this thread.
HellFest was amazing !!
Thanx to all of you who supported us on saturday :)