Hello everyone, we're Soul Debt from New Jersey \m/!!


New Metal Member
Apr 29, 2023
Howdy howdy! As the thread title suggests, we are Soul Debt from New Jersey, and the best way to describe our sound is the result of of an old school death metal bassist, a prog metal guitarist, a deathcore vocalist, and a thrash metal drummer coming together to create fresh & heavy tracks! We hope you all check out our music and even come to our shows (depending on where you're from, we're not quite ready to tour.....yet ;)), but above all, we hope you talk with us on here and just have fun with it! We're very excited to be on here and meet you all \m/!! For those who are interested in hearing our music, here is the debut single from our upcoming album, and we have a second single set to release on June 3rd! Enjoy!!