Hey jimbob... about martyr


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Sep 12, 2001
Did you hear the right Martyr??

From canada...

There is another MARTYR (as well as Martyr AD... but they don't deserve a mention) that did technical death a while ago... one album only i guess... nowhere near as good as the hosers...!! The other Martyr were Dutch i beleive...

Just thought i'd make sure you had the right band. :)

yeah, I heard the right one. I got Hopeless Hopes and Warp Zone. Listened to both of 'em twice. I didn't mean to say they were bad or anything; they are quite good. I just think bands like Cynic, Death, and Theory in Practice are better, so I didn't see why Martyr are as good as you made them out to be. Maybe it's as you said, it's the guitars. I usually pay more attention to drums and bass.

It doesn't really bother me wether you like them or not. It's just that ledmag got them mixed up with Martyr Ad and was pissed off at me because they are crap, and he spent money on their cds when they weren't even the right band :lol: