hey swedes


Rome 64 C.E.
May 17, 2006
your music blows and you are assholes,
but the songs i got from your website are very cool. The riffs are cool and i like the solo in catharis. Noumeon what solos do you play? Trade my life for suicide is a good song. I didn't really like system, not my coup of tea, but the other 2 songs make up for it big time. I want to hear more from you. :worship:
in closing I hope you freeze to death in scandinavia
Not so many gigs atm. had a contest thing going, but the arrangers cancelled it. Going to team up with the singer from my former band and his new band and plan a gig together.

New songs are being written for the new demo. Which will sound ALOT better than the previous ones. Got four songs done. I have about 3-4 halfdone.