Hey who do you think is the most annoying member of the forum guys?

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Jack Nippleson
May 13, 2007
I apologize in advance to Steve for this, but I really do want to get this out there. That said, *knock knock of the gavel*, court is in session.

Symphonic Life... man, when you PMed me asking if we could be 'friends' I said sure just to be nice because you had been pretty abrasive to everybody, even calling Dom an idiot. Then you started asking me really strange questions, like if I masturbate, and if I have sex with my girlfriend. Then you demand I tell you every single thing I do in my free time when I say I'm busy with the rest of my life and don't want to play some online game called Transformice...

So aside from your.. erratic behavior on the forum, you posted another Metallica song in the rate your song topic. I simply suggested you post something besides Metallica, then realized you'd get angry over it for some irrational reason, and edited it out. You caught me before I deleted it and lost it...


So... I also found it weird how you even admitted to never purchasing a Power Quest album, or any album in your life for that matter, digitally or physically. And then you just lost it.


Pray tell, what are these 'extreme measures' you are going to have to take? I don't recall ever actually being intentionally rude to you on the forum...

Normally, I would keep this in a PM. I realize this is... quite stupid, but I've never seen this forum have a member with an attitude/personality like this before. And Steve, as I already said, is far too busy with far more important things than to deal with some petty confrontation crafted out of irrational reactionary posting.

I consider myself a good member of the board... and I like to think that I'm at peace with people. But I really think at this point SL has gone a bit... far, and I'm personally annoyed with the constant private messaging. I even ignored them for several days before tonight's instigating.

So maybe I'm being hypocritical in trying to avoid conflict yet making this topic? My apologies again, but... come on.
What made you laugh? The video or me asking where you want me to start

And you haven't told me where you want me to start yet.
oh ok

so where do you want me to start man? wait no don't tell me yet you need to chill out first.

chill out and then tell me later then ok?

I will be honest here and say I agree with everything that 1928 has just said. This forum is not to play and troll around on. It was meant for fans of the band to interact with one another. It also belongs to Steve and if I'm correct it costs the band money to run it. So I suggest that we get things straightened up before things get out of hand.
Yeah sure man of cousre we need to get things straightened up.

But it was kinda unnecessary to create a thread about this, he could just discuss it with me or Steve in PMs....there's no point in sharing it with the whole community. It won't help with anything.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice things have been a bit tense round here over the past couple of months......which has never happened before in the 8 years I have run the forum. I've tried very hard to stop this in a nice and polite way. So here's the thing.

1. When you join a forum....have some respect for the community that already exists and the people there.

2. Quite right...the forum is for fans to discuss PQ, metal sport amongst themselves and amongst the band members. And yes, it does cost money to run.

3. It is NOT for being aggressive, argumentative and downright rude to people.

4. As you all know I'm very protective of PQ fans and I won't tolerate people coming in and upsetting them. Upsetting the fans upsets me!

5. If I get any more complaints either on the forum or via PM then I'll be resorting to "Evil Steve" mode and banning the person in question and reporting them to Ultimate Metal

At my age (I'll be 40 this year) I just cannot be doing with childish ranting and raving about anything really. If you don't have an informed opinion about something, or have something reasonable to say......then don't say anything.

I'll be locking this thread after I have submitted this message to the thread.......and I don't want to be bombarded by PM's asking me why I've said what I've said etc etc

Them's the rules.....if you don't like them.....then this ain't the place for you.
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