Iced earth tracklist and track times


Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane Australia
Visit site this off the offical site and thought ahh what the hell I'll post it up :)

1.) Wolf (5:19)
2.) Damien (9:11)
3.) Jack (4:14)
4.) Ghost of Freedom (5:11)
5.) Im-Ho-Tep (Pharoah's Curse) (4:45)
6.) Jeckyl & Hyde (4:39)
7.) Dragon's Child (4:19)
8.) Frankenstein (3:50)
9.) Dracula (5:53)
10.) The Phantom Opera Ghost (8:41)

11.) Bonus: Transylvania (Iron Maiden cover) (4:23)

Looking pretty good :D
I know what happened :) They couldnt get the track to sound as good as they wanted, and they werent too happy with what they had so they left it off the album (a shame, i was looking forward to it!)
Theres no 10 minute plus song either......unusual for an iced earth album! :D I want a dantes inferno 2 dammit!
Originally posted by The Trooper
I cant wait for this album!!!!

Same here, its depressing having to talk about it for so long before i can hear it! I have so little to look forward to in my life, why oh why cant the album be released sooner! :lol: