Iced Earth update


Apr 14, 2001
What’s up people? Here’s a quick update. Next week we begin recording drum tracks and the next IE is fully underway. We will be doing everything but the drums in my studio. The drums and the mix will be done in Tampa at Morrisound. Jim Morris and I will be flying to Prague to record the symphony in mid May as it stands right now. I’m very much looking forward to that. We are kicking around the idea of a full surround sound mix of Gettysburg on the DVD audio format as a bonus disc. We are checking on costs and all that fun stuff now to see if it’s possible. I’ve always wanted to do this and this epic is the perfect choice for it. Another bit of news is that Larry Tarnowski will no longer be performing in IE. He will continue his studies and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors. There will be a few different guest appearances on the record for the solo’s and we will be deciding on a touring replacement in the near future. I’ll be making that decision after the recording and will let you know who it will be in the next few months. Also, we will be auctioning off the IE drum kit for charity on ebay, but it will have to be after the recording due to my intense schedule. My next post will most likely be after the recording is finished so until then take care and stay metal! Jon

Larry is gone? Bloody hell! Who is next? /forum/images/smilies/frown.gif I wonder who the guest appearences will be though, curiouser and curiouser...
I think maybe he played a note on a solo one fret up from where Jon told him to :)
I heard someone once call Jon the "Buddy Rich of guitar!"... which wasn't meant as a compliment!

(Buddy Rich was an amazing drummer, but is more renowned for being one of the biggest arseholes in music ever! He once fired a horn player for hitting two wrong notes in a song!)
Heard that on another board but seems tonight like the IE website was down. Thanks for the info. I must say I liked Larry, he joined the band in his early twenties :eek:... Probably John could do what he wanted of this young dude, but growing up he probably got tired of being in Schaffer's shadow... who nows... Make us dream a bit now... Where do I send audition tapes :D ;)