If you have a band... is Nevermore an influence ? How, music or lyrics ?

I have a new band, and was in a band in the late 80s into the early 90's called Adversary from Chicago that was semi-known around town. We were, however, more notorious for the fights that broke out...and I take blame for that. I wasted great years and opportunities!

I've always written about the dangers and arrogance of organized religion, and I never even came close to the magic that Warrel creates. He is an amazing source of light for what I'm writing nowadays in that one doesn't have to scream out Satanic epithets to get across the points. Venom did it, did it well, but it's over and cliched now.

I look to Nevermore to inspire me to always get better, dig deeper, and want for more knowledge than available at face level.

Sorry for the rant...

Good night, all!

I agree to you that is difficult to reach the magic Warrel creates... I wrote some lyrics about the chaos and despite some friends like it I am still too far from him...
Warrel's lyrics are great 'cos they make you think, read, open your mind ( at least is what I do sometimes )...
Couldn't agree more...he's one of the greatest poets of our time, and that's not blowing smoke up his ass...it's just the truth!