i'm considering breaking all my plans today


Aug 2, 2002
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because yesterday, to my great wonderment, i found the biography of l.f. celine by Vitoux quite available (although in hardcover, which i dont like much) at the brooklyn library. i am like, on page 50 of probaby 600 and i don't want to stop! interesting shit! and supposedly it's the most accurate, and so far, seems like the guy really dug for this information, and he's quite non-partisan about things so far and very honest with what he's found.

also, i read a nabokov book yesterday at the library (bend sinister) just to make sure he was still an okay guy in my book and damn, that novel is fanstastic.

NERDARIO:mad: :mad:
well, most all plans broken. i still went out and got some vegetables for freddy and when i came home he had chewed the ac wire to the portable phone! player hater!
I can't believe you would accuse Freddy of being a player hater.

Perhaps he was only trying to help you avoid contact with other induhviduals so you could enjoy the book.
That Fred- always thinking of others.