I'm Drunk damnit!


Hengität. Et hengitä enää
Jul 31, 2001
Whiterapids, Finland
A special thread for all you drunken people...
...as me at the moment. You may spill your souls here. Don't worry. Your drunk. No one will take it seriously...

I think that I won't be able to go to school tomorrow to study electricity physics. No matter.. Our teacher won't be there tomorrow either. Fucked up guy he is. Can't teach nothing. Doesn't have the charisma, knowledge or anything for that matter... I was supposed to be a teacher (now I'm spilling my heart out...) but after two years of trying... It's no use I really wanted to but they don't want me so it's fucking their loss Fucking assholes! Elementary school teacher I wanted to be (ok... now I sound like yoda for gods sake) anyway... Kids are great! They say what comes in mind instantly. So spontanious guys/girls. Yearning for knowledge. And I would be a good teacher I know it, but the fuckers won't want me there (university)...
... So be it. I'll be a computer fucking assistant (don't know even what that means, but it's all that I could come up at the moment) Cynical...
...I know, but still... ah well fuck it. I hope I'll be a rock star then (some day).. FAK! end.
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I'm a total twat when I'm drunk. I have the time of my life, but anyone within a 10 metre radius doesn't seem to agree :)

Anyway. I have 12 beers here with my name on (it's this new beer called "Fat Cunt"...).

I've no work tomorrow, I've cracked open number three and in two hours time I'll probably be posting pictures of my Elephant impression (you pull both pockets out of your jeans and... no need to explain further I guess :)).

My physics teacher was a fuckwit by the way. He was the type of guy where even the timid kids went crazy in the classroom, so no one learned a fucking thing.
I've been a real asshole with school recently too. I'm supposedly so damn busy with coding projects -- school related though they may be -- that I'm attending lectures pretty damn sporadically. Skipped my 0800 Electromagnetic Theory 2 just today... managed to get to school at about 1430, but not for a lecture, no no.. for lunch! I did get a grip eventually and went to a signal processing exercise class at 1600.

Still, I really need to stop fucking around. I'm in enough trouble with the student grant board as it stands, and summer employment is yet to be confirmed. Fuck.

@nevershine: I wish I could've just stayed at Sound Sound with Sami this week :p ...did the setup and soundcheck with him on monday.
Yah. I like the new layout of the rooms, all that's missing is a window so that you could see the action from the control room n_n

Got a grip and started coding... burning the midnight oil... luckily this one's only due on sunday

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Lee_B said:
I'm a total twat when I'm drunk. I have the time of my life, but anyone within a 10 metre radius doesn't seem to agree :).
So, you're sure you haven't been adopted from Finland?

And yeah, add one to your list: I had two long ones before catching the train last night, did my mathematics homework in little tipsy and then in Jyväskylä went to bar to watch tv and drink beer and Koskenkorva... :)