In honour of Troops' birthday......


Apr 14, 2001
Happy Birthday champion! :D

Now, I must insist that when you are at the kiss cover band concert celebrating, you ask the visiting women folk:

* Can you pull the trigger on my love gun? (again ha!)

* What do you say we put the x in sex? (Can be followed by the black panties and knew it was you line as well)

* Ask her if she wants to lick it up

* Ask her to take it off

* Tell her you are the god of thunder and want to rock and roll with her

* Say that heavens on fire and you will put her out

* Say youre not a hard luck woman tonight baby!

* You look sick, let doctor love cure you

* I was made for lovin you, you were made for lovin me. Dont fight it baby!

* Tell her you are the master and she is your slave

* Say that seduction of the innocent is a great song...while winking....

* Say, you wanted the best, youve got the best, ME!

* Ask her to go into the void with you.

Ok, yes, im bored at work, and yes I have too much time on my hands. Anyway, ill be expecting a report back from you troops!

(Disclaimer: Any injuries resulting from the espousement of said quotes shall not leave dopey spawny liable for hospital bills or a sore face from it being slapped multiple times)
Troops' b'day??? where??? when??? :confused: Happy B'day mate.

I got paid yesterday and I need somewhere to spend my money...a night out on the piss would kick arse.

BTW, I just went CD shoppping in my lunch break and scored Manowar - Kings Of Metal (finally), Iced Earth - Melancholy EP and WASP - Headless Children (I probably haven't heard that album in the last decade). All good stuff, but to top it off the woman who sold me the CDs is the most beautiful woman I've seen since I moved to Melbourne :loco:
Oy! I already started a "Happy Birthday Troops" thread further down. Whassamadda, don't you people read my posts anymore?

Just as well I *did* stop by here today, or this whole ungodly mess would never have come to my attention ;).

Fevered rantings aside, happy birthday Trent (again!)


You wanna know 2 funny things? Me and my mate said we are gonna sing Take It Off on the karaoke to get drunk Kiss girls to take their tops off! Hahaha... and secondly.. I've told girls before that they pull the trigger of my love gun!!! Hahaha! It never works though, either does "you're so damn pretty, should be against the law" and "you kickstart my heart", among many other 80s metal references :D hehehe

I'll let you know how I go hahaha!

Thanks everyone!!!!! :D
Hahaha well in the end I didn't use any of those lines... I didn't have to :D

Awesome night though, the band were really fun! Gene breathed fire, Ace did Ace's solo note for note, it rocked hehe :)

And it was PACKED, you couldn't move, and I've *NEVER* seen so many hot looking chicks at a metal club before walking around half naked :)
Originally posted by The Trooper

And it was PACKED, you couldn't move, and I've *NEVER* seen so many hot looking chicks at a metal club before walking around half naked :)

Don't tell me I missed out on Nudity? :mad:

Well I got to see 3 pretty awesome bands. The first were called Sanity's Cage. A classic power-metal group with a great singer. They also played a few covers, which were great because I didn't know any of there orginals.
Crazy Train
Breaking The Law
Operation Mindcrime.
I spoke to the singer and bassist after there show and were both great guys.

Second Band were typical thrash with 'Slayeresk' vocals. Pretty cool. Their drummer was fantastic!! The PA stuffed up halfway through their show, so I don't think they got to finish (I went to the bar).

Third band were funny! :lol:
They wore dresses and sounded like a Fantomas cover band - which is a great way to end a night when you're feeling a little sloshed.