Irriterande grej! (in swedish)


Troll #2
May 25, 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
För ett par dagar sedan så bestämde jag mig för att köpa "Still Life" (ja, jag har precis upptäckt Opeth. Sent kanske, men bättre sent än aldrig som man säger...hehe), så jag drog in till stan för att köpa den då, men inte en enda jävla affär har den. Besökte säkert 6-7 affärer, men ingen hade den. Så jävla irriterande! >:eek:(

Så till slut så beställde jag den från, hoppas bara dom levererar den i tid, vill fan ha den nu! Har någon nån aning om varför denna platta, som bara har två år på nacken, är så svåråtkomlig?

I have no idea... maybe it's too popular.. *hehe*
Or that the stores just take in a couple of ex. at once...

And one more thing... altough it's nice to write in swedish when you're just want to adress the swedish members, but we've had a little discussion here on the board about a week ago about using other languages than english.
We came to the conclusion that it would be good if everybody wrote their posts in english. It gives a friendlier touch to the board if everyone can understand what everybody writes.
Don't take this the wrong way... I just thought I'd explain before people start flaming about that they don't understand what you wrote... ;)
Just write your posts in english and everyone will be happy... and well.. welcome to the board!

Heheheheh... I think the word "flame" officially, at this point, has a new definition:


1. The zone of burning gases and fine suspended matter associated with rapid combustion; a hot, glowing mass of burning gas or vapor.
2. To project a verbal dissatisfaction with the use of the Swedish language on the offical Opeth forum.
For those of you not already familiar with flaming and flamebaits:


On the Internet, flaming is giving someone a verbal lashing in public. Often this is on a Usenet newsgroup but it could be on a Web forum or perhaps even as e-mail with copies to a distribution list. Unless in response to some rather obvious flamebait, flaming is poor netiquette. Certain issues tend to provoke emphatically stated responses, but flaming is often directed at a self-appointed expert rather than at the issues or information itself and is sometimes directed at unwitting but opinionated newbie who appear in a newsgroup.


On the Internet, flamebait is a "posting" or note on a bulletin board, a Usenet newsgroup, a Web site, or other public forum that is intended to elicit the extremely strong responses characteristic of flaming and active public discussions. To be effective, flamebait should be a bit subtle (but not too subtle) so that potential flamers will "take the bait." This term is similar to troll, which is an effort to get a reaction from readers but not necessarily for the purpose of eliciting flames.

(I couldn't believe I found those on :))