Jotun Studio: Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Radiohead


Apr 27, 2010
Sevilla, Spain
Hi, fellas!

My studio´s Youtube channel has reached more than 600.000 views. To celebrate it I recorded a Radiohead cover, using an LTD H-1007 through an Axe-FX Standard (bass, a 5-string MTD, was also recorded using the Axe-FX)

Drums are Superior Drummer´s Metal Foundry.

Hope you like it, and if you require Jotun Studio´s services, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

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Thanks a lot for listening to it and leaving some feedback!

Sinquestsound, glad you liked it, man. I´ll try to export the audio tracks and leave them over here, so you can play with them. The only thing is that I don´t have DIs, but processed guitars and bass...

Deathprayer82, I really appreciate you liked the way I approached the cover, man. Thanks!