Judas Priest - Nostradamus

i was at that show - was very good although seeing heaven and hell was definitly the highlight for me, and they really took the wind out of JP's sails. I just wished they played Lady Evil! Fuc!

Speaking of Priest, their setlist was really unusual, Dissident Aggressor? Angel? Don't get me wrong I actually like that ballad and it sounded much better live as well but whoa. I was totally surprised how awesome the single of the new album sounded? Prophecy or something...
Nostradamus Rocks! I definitely think it's a cut above Angel of Retribution. I also agree with the fact that you should listen to the album as a whole concept piece like P. J. says in episode 76, it tells a sick story. Also from ep 76 I'm liking Brutality, I'm gonna have to get my hands on some more of their stuff.
Glad you enjoyed episode 76. We would already have had 77 out if it hadn't been for Hurricane Ike.

Definitely check out more Brutality. All 3 cds are awesome, if you can't find em in stores (I have seen them here in Houston at FYE and Sound Exchange) you can go to Metal Mind's website and order them there.

Now, back to Priest, I thought they were better than Sabbath this time around. I saw Sabbath the last go around as a headliner, much better show, but that's just me. The setlist was pretty damn good. Dissident Aggressor! I am sure they know they have a lot of Slayer fans in Texas and it would connect with those who didn't even know it was originally a Priest track.
I love Priest, no matter what. This album let me know that these guy's can still fuckin pull out some brutal shit, Rob Halford's voice still blows my mind and the shredding is still there. Not a bad album, :headbang: