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Mar 17, 2003
Alright, i want everyone to post their favorite katatonia song meanings here. Katatonia songs can be interpreted in many different ways, and i'd like to hear everyones thoughts on their songs. Also, anyone can request song meanings too if you arent quite sure. I'd like to know what everyone thinks of "For My Demons".
I really like For My Demons, musically and metaphorically [and have just discovered how amazing it is live]. Something is obviously troubling the person in this song [Jonas himself?]. Maybe something he's done, or something someone's done to him. The chours leads me to believe it's something he's done, maybe killed someone - because if you knew what it was, you would lose sleep over it: "You would never sleep at night, if you knew what I've been through" - but that could also be interprited as whatever has happened to him was so horrific, you'd lose sleep over it. I personally go with the first one, because it ties in with the title of the song - for my demons. Demons are something that trouble you. The bridge makes me wonder if he's thinking of killing the person he's talking to in the song also "Someday you will join them, and I will let you in".

Anyway, that's my take on it - probably completely wrong, but I still think it's a brilliant song.
My brief thoughts: It's about leaving something you regret strongly behind (caused by your demons inside), as in leaving a place of darkness.
I think it means he's gone to visit someone he once knew in a place he once lived, where something happend as a child which traumatised him for life...maybe he watched someone being murdered since he says "murderers come my way" and perhaps visiting this place flooded back memories. Also because of the experience he fears darkness... :OMG:
Or maybe a wench dumped him and she'd never sleep at night if she knew what she've put him through? Like through endless lonely masturbation for next 14 months.
What about the meaning of "We Will Bury You"? I assume the lyrics are metaphoric, but if not the song would seem a bit out of place on LFDGD lyrically.
we will bury you could actually be about say feelings, feelings that hes had, he will bury them so deep that no-one would find them, it could be taken in so many ways, i believe that for my demons is simliar to what omerta was saying but it wouldnt be killing, it could be, but myabe he was the one who say watched the killing of someone he loved, or something
OracleDeist said:
I want to know what you poeple think about passing bird.

In short - she's a typical metal wench with too much spare time, though he's still worrying that his broken personality may hurt her if lets her get close to himself.

That's my stupid interpretation. Lord J. Renkse probably waves his huge beerbelly reading these bullshits here! :lol:
Okay, so does anyone have a clue what the meaning behind “Evidence” is? I’ve been trying to figure this one out. It’s like two lovers and one, or both, is up for ransom. One figures a way out and now is trying to get the other out. That’s about all I can make of it. If anyone has any other angles that I’m missing, that would be great.
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