Last (?) trip of the season: WOA 2009!!!


Apr 19, 2009
Bollnäs, Sweden

On the "road" again tomorrow!

My good friend/our press agent Heloisa of Brasil Music Press invited me as VIP to the 20th anniversary of my favourite festival :worship:

Another sweet PR opportunity to say the least :headbang:

This time I will go backpacker style, will not bring laptop to a mudfest so I'll update on my mischief when I get back, as I'll be camping on the VIP campsite.
(gotta have that festival feeling at least a bit, I know, I'm sick :zombie:)

Loads of good bands to see and a whole bunch of old friends to meet, it will be a blast as always :kickass:

A little late to write I know but I wasn't really sure that I was alive until now :zombie:

WOA as usual was a BLAST but! This year even better!

I saw more bands than ever, I partied more than ever and I met more friends than ever!


KICKED ASS! I really enjoyed the show and I at least managed to terrorize Van and Jeff for a little bit afterwards, hehe...too bad I missed Warrel and Jim though, would have loved to meet them again. Maybe next time brothers!

Running Wild

Old school, nostalgia, beer and fun...but all in all a bit disappointed...
Thought they would do something...I dunno...different as it was supposed to be "THE LAST SHOW EVER"...well least I can say "I was there" hahaa.


Not actually my all-time-favourites, they have a couple of kick ass songs but the show...was...GREAT! They invited a whole bunch of friends to play and they really seemed to have a blast on stage :headbang:


What can I say? It's an original party band :kickass:
I enjoyed every drunken minute of it :headbang:


As always they deliver BIG TIME! Too bad I'm a short fucker and there was no bigscreen on the party stage...but the music and beer was great :kickass:


DAMN! They still fuckin' RULE!
Played most of my favourite songs and a couple of new ones I hadn't heard.
Felt like back in the 80's/90's again :worship:

Machine Head

FINALLY I saw the whole show :lol:
AND! Was blown away! AWESOME gig...
As Flynn said about WOA "Just one word....WOW"
I'm REALLY glad I saw this one, thanks guys wherever You are!


Ok, they are old.
I've seen them a million times.
Many wondered WHY they were a headliner...
On the last part I can tell You that I know why!
They played all the best songs of all albums :headbang::kickass:
I couldn't beleive it, one favourite after another and the crowd was AMAZING!
I simply could not stop singing along to all the great songs they played.
Result...I still can't speak properly :zombie:
I stand in awe :worship:


Didn't actually see the whole show, again on the partystage, they always make me happy though and as I went for beer I couldn't find my way back to my friends so I went and got drunk instead :kickass:

Then the parties in the VIP area, as usual I made an ass outta myself (in a "good" way though :zombie:) I think I never had so much fun there.
Drinking, screaming, jumping, dancing (yes dancing) it was a total blast!
Took me 3-4 days to shake off the hangover o_O

To all my friends I met there, You know I suck at names so I'll just say this:


And to our sweet, lovely and caring pressagent Heloisa Vidal of Brasil music Press:

I cannot thank You enough for giving me this opportunity to meet friends, press, labels etc. and show off Rebel Collective to Europe :worship:

We hope next year...REBEL PLAYS!