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Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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Straight from Paul n' Gene Inc, which means we can believe about a third of it at best :).

" 'The Kiss Symphony : Alive IV' album recorded at Telstra Dome in
Melbourne will be released on July 21.
The album will be a 2CD set featuring ten Kiss classics with the 60
piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 6 acoustic versions of Kiss
classics and the 6 songs with Kiss without orchestra from the start of
the show. A DVD will be released soon after.

The album marks the beginning of the new Kiss label Kiss Records. "Kiss Records is the continuation of the road paved by us for the past thirty years" says Paul Stanley in a statement. "Our first release KISS
Symphony: Alive IV ushers in a new era where we will exert
uncompromising attention to detail, control of quality, and overall
feel and direction from concept to completion. With KISS Symphony, you are cordially invited to witness the unholy marriage of black tie and black leather."

The show is a milestone for both Kiss and the Melbourne Symphony
Orchestra. "KISS and The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, never have so many grown men and women looked better in KISS make-up" says Gene Simmons. 'Kiss Symphony : Alive IV' will be released on Sanctuary Records worldwide and in Australia by Shock."

Whats the point of a record label for Kiss? After Alive IV thats it, what else are they going to release? :confused:

Still, the packaging does sound quite cool for Alive IV, and the album should be pretty good, even with Paul singing backup to himself :)