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Mar 3, 2004
The Triiiaaannnnggggle
Cool seeing "Schizoid"'s (Dead of Winter/Schizoid) comment way back there-- I remember when Pursuit was released, there was a (well one of many) threads on the Braveboard and he was kind of giving his play-by-play...

"Where's the blasting?"

"Ahh, The Will to Give!"

"Holy shit! Dragged Across a Forest Floor"!

David Gold

Son of the Darkest Blues
Feb 20, 2004
No hometown, Ontario.
btw - Guestbook fixed, go ahead and post!

Dave, whatever happened to the "The Making of:" Pursuit of the Sun videos?

I'm thinking really hard about this one, but I'm not sure there was ever even one frame of video recorded of us from that era. 'Woods 3' neither unfortunately (not that we'd like to relive that nightmare on video, but I'm sure it would be interesting for some people to see). Those images were only in the minds of Dan, Jess and I, and I'm pretty sure Dan and I have both either chosen to permanently block them out or destroyed any last trace of those memories with booze (so maybe you can ask Jess, though she didn't see all the ugliness, just the days we did keys). We simply never had a video camera between us. This has actually always bothered me over the years. We've always had more practical gear to buy and pay for (amps, guitars, cymbals, PA, mixer, recording misc, etc...) and another X $ for a vidcam just wasn't a priority, nor anywhere in the budget. I do have a video camera now however and I use it very often. I already feel I am developing my style at somewhat of an amateur videographer of sorts. I'll say right now that I promise that you'll see a lot of what goes in to "Woods IV" on video, from start to finish!!! Maybe even release a 'making of' DVD with the CD, and all those current pipe dreams, etc...


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Jan 24, 2006
Leaving my footprint.
A fan from long ago, really hope to see you guys play Halifax Nova Scotia this 2011 tour!