Live footage of the new Katagory V line up posted online


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Katagory V has recently posted video clips of the bands comeback performance shot in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. Bassist/songwriter and founding member Dustin Mitchell talks about the clips and the revamped line-up.

“With preproduction complete, and having some downtime before we start the recording sessions for our fifth album in early April, Katagory V decided to step out onto the stage. It has been well over a year since the band has performed live, and with a some of the guys of the current line up being fairly new and having never performed with Katagory V on stage, Kris (Krompel, Guitars) and Bizzarro (Drums) respectively; it was high time to test the waters and see how we would fare in that environment. After being cooped up in the studio for the last 10 months writing and working on the next album, everyone was suffering from severe cabin fever. After all, Katagory V is not a studio project, but in fact a live band!

Marc, (Hanson, guitars) who recently returned to the band in December, secured a date for us at a local venue in our hometown of Salt Lake City, opening for the talented all-female tribute band, The Iron Maidens. Overall, it was a fantastic show… SOLD OUT in fact! Granted, I feel that the majority of the audience was in attendance due to the other amazing acts on the bill, however, I believe by the end of our set, we were able to win over a whole new legion of fans. After all, there is no better way to stage a comeback than to a packed house of raging metal heads!

We have acquired some fan-shot footage from the show, and after watching it, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the clips from that evening, and let everyone see Katagory V in action with the new line up. We hope you enjoy them!”

KATAGORY V's current lineup is as follows:

Dustin Mitchell - Bass
Albert Rybka - Vocals
Matthew "Bizzaro" Lefevre - Drums
Marc Hanson - Guitar
Kris Krompel - Guitar
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Wow, Kris just never stops moving around, does he?

Great job you guys. Wish I could have been there.

I had to keep trying to see the crowd passed it. His hair kept whippin around and blocking my view! :headbang:
Now seriously, I was very impressed with his stamina....his 6 pack and bicepts never unflexed once!