Loooongest songs


Apr 19, 2002
Hello, fellow metalheads!

I was thinking (for once):
There are some truly loooong songs out there, and most of these
I have found to very good.

2 examples:
Edge Of Sanity/Crimson, 40:00
Devil Doll/The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms, 79:01 :cool:

So - anyone know of some really long and cool songs?
And what do you think about having such long pieces?

(Don't start talkin' about Opeth again, please. We all know of Opeth and their 'long' tracks by now) :D
The longest metal song I have is Achilles: The Agony and the Ecstasy by Manowar, which is 28 minutes long. I have a couple of noise tracks by Exit-13 and Skin Chamber whch clock in at around 25 minutes. They sound rather short in comparison...
Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness.

The enitire CD is one track, heh.
The longest songs i've ever listened-to are Abruptum one-track 60+ minute black metal soundscapes. Lovem to death! Not really...'music' as such......but still very black.
Mortiis' two first records "Født til å herske" & "Ånden som gjorde opprør" only has two songs on each. The latter is 41 minutes and I think the longest is around 23 minutes or something. I think there's a song on "Født.." that lasts 32 minutes (I haven't got the timings as I have it on vinyl).
Burzum's "Rundtgång av den transcendentale egenhetens støtte" is a little over 25 minutes.
Jethro Tull also made a one track album; "Thick as a brick" in '72. One track over two sides! Pink Floyd's "Atom heart mother" and "Meddle" has tracks that span one side. Yes' "Tales from topographic oceans" has fire sides (double-lp) and four songs, the longest being "Ritual" at 21:35. Their song "Close to the edge" (from the album of the same name) also takes up one side of vinyl. I have a record by called "Black suite" by a french jazz guy who plays trumpet called Jacques Coursil and it only has two songs "Black suite part 1" and "Black suite part 2". If someone should be interested in buying it, you're welcom to e-mail me at mc_nyregrus@hotmail.com :p
Originally posted by Warmaster

And don't forget OPETH (for example MORNINGRISE 6 songs on 2 LPs)!!!!

ha ha ha - just couldn't help mentioning Opeth after all? :lol:
(don't really know if u did it on purpose or not...)
I think the Green Carnation song's title sounds a bit like the Bob Dylan song "Father of day, Father of night". By the way I hate that guy, but the song is good in Mannfred Mann's Earth Band's version. I haven't heard the original, but I couldn't imagine it would be great. Why is it that every Bob Dylan song sucks in the original version and always is better in another version??? :confused: :confused:
I found the timings on Ebay cd auction for the Jethro Tull "Thick as a brick" and both sides together makes the song 43:50 (side 1: 22:45. Side 2: 21:05).
That's the longest song I own, but most of my record collection isn't music made for that kind of songs.
A Pleasant Shade of Grey from Fates Warning, Halloween from Helloween, Skullkrusher by Overkill, Rime of the Ancient Mariner from Maiden, Sleeping Village from Sabbath...