MAD MARTHA is here!!!!


C-C-Cool Beans!!!
Okay...hopefully these work since they are hosted on a yahoo site (yeah...I know), becasue I have been getting bugged about this for quite some time. But I finally have pictures of the Infamouse Mad Martha! This is a woman who for some reason or another decided she REALLY liked our guitarist, Curtis, while at the ProgPower festival... unfortunately things got ugly!

These Pictures were taken by our good freind Henry, the Drummer for Imagika, and becasue we have no idea who this woman is, the boys from the bay area (Henry, Pooch and Bear) have dubbed her "Mad Martha"! we go!

hmmm...she seems harmless?

Uh oh... looks like ol' Curtis is getting wise to her...time to leave Martha!

OH NO! he's been bamboozled!!!!

TRAPPED! It looks like this is the end for Curtis!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
We want to thank Henry for the incriminating photos and the support of Pooch and Bear!

Just so everyone knows, Curtis is doing fine aside from a few emotional scars... LMAO!!!!!:lol:

Thats some funny stuff dude. I can't tell you how dysfucktional this woman was, man your lucky you got out alive Curtis!!! Wasn't there a pick of MM trying to pull him up the stairs LOL anyways even with her crazy looney antics it was a great time!