Maiden England to come to Aus (Aus Ticket Master Website is giving a bit of a clue)?


Jun 25, 2012
I posted this in response to one of the most recent posts on the official Iron Maiden FB page, but I'm curious to get other Aussie Iron Maiden fans opinion. Obviously I've taken it with a pinch of salt, but if they aren't coming to Aus for the Maiden England tour, it then begs the question as to why the Aussie Ticket Master website has created a page specifically in relation to the Maiden England tour. Anyway my FB post (which was made under the announcement of upcoming interview with Nicko McBrain) is as follows:

An Aussie Maiden fan here who’d love to see Maiden England come downunder, I can’t help but draw Aussie fans attention to this link . Obviously I’ve taken the link with a pinch of salt, but perhaps Mr McBrain can confirm or deny this when he’s interviewed. Only if he wants to though, no pressure. It could be one of those automated glitches on Ticket Masters part (and perhaps nothing has been decided beyond the north American tour dates), but after seeing Maiden in Melbourne at Soundwave, I’d love to see the Irons rock again in Melbourne, hopefully by which point Infinite Dreams and Still life have been added to the set list (then the man himself could do a life Idi Amin impersonation before the start of the latter song he he).
Here's hoping for sure :) I found that link and this forum simply by doing a Google search using the words "Maiden England Australia" (and this thread is now the second search result generated). As well as the ticket master page, you'll also notice these links when you use the said search terms:

Not sure who Metallitia and I'm not sure how trustworthy a site is, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out and before to long post a link under one of Iron Maiden's recent posts on their Facebook page in the off chance it gets the band members and/or tour managers attention.

Either they have already locked in plans to tour Aus and just haven't made them public or they've yet to make said plans in which case they to will be wondering "So why has an Aussie ticket website made a page dedicated to Maiden England, even if there aren't any dates actually listed?"
Makes you wonder if Metallitia is a will-be supporting band for an upcomning Aussie tour, even though Iron Maiden usually have supporting artists that are better known!
Although, they're not playing at Soundwave in 2013, given they only headlined at SW11, I do hope Iron Maiden Bring the Maiden England tour to Australia sometime in 2013, whether it be earlier in the year say around March/April or perhaps early May (since the first European date and the first 2013 date so far is on May 29) or either before or after they headline Rock in Rio in the later part of next year, since they’ll be heading to the Southern Hemisphere, they might swing through Japan, Australia, New Zealand before rock in Rio or reverse order after Rock in Rio, whichever it is, it would be great to see them in Melbourne again. UP THE IRONS!