Making an attempt at a Schwarze Scene Festival like in Europe in the Midwest.


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Jan 6, 2020
Europe has these gigantic festials like Wave-Gotik-Treffen that gather 60k and other such like M'era Luna but the American scene cannot seem to combine the darkly inclined music fans to organize festivals of that nature. They call it the Schwarze Scene there and all band together but here dark metal fans into gothic metal, funeral doom, atmospheric black metal and such do not blend in with the goth/industrial scene and the indie dark postpunk revival scene. It's all one thing over there and it should be here as well so we can organize eents like a Dark Bonnaroo or a Burniing Man for the dark scene not the molly mindwiped hippie/ravers.

The festival will hopefully be held at Legend Valley Ranch who held the Punk Rock Campout where the Damned played and allowed the Juggalos to have their festival so it should be open to a congregation of all the Dark Scene here, Goths, Rivetheads, Postpunks, Darkwave folks and Gothic Metal, Funeral Doom, and Atmospheric Black Metal fans whose aesthhetics are closely compatible. I want to make a Spooky and Spectral Electric Forest or Gloom and Doom Burning Man with art installations of the spooky and sinister type, not just gypsy/hindu/goa appropriation with splashed psychedelia everywhere. Theres a haunters convention in November I want to attend for ideas.

So anyway if you are in Dayton, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Lexington, or are willing to drive from Chicago or Philly to attend such a festival please register at the festival site: Every registration is a vote towards putting together something that shows not only ravers and hippies can have massive events with otherworldly art installations and carnival vibes. Hippies and Ravers live for these things, we of the Dark Scene need to come together for community and family as well, we are all one tribe like in Europe, it's just not realized yet here. The amount of resgistrations will determine what kind of sponsors we will be able to pull. Sponsor money will secure the site and then vendor booths for morbid curiosities and spooky gear and jewelry and artwork can be rented out. And that funding will determine the size of the bands we will be able to afford. Please register and vote for a Dark Burning Man type eent.

Really wish that I had seen this back then. I currently reside in the Cleveland area and have some connections to bands from around the world. I would have gladly helped or at least attended.