Mercury Rain - Second Guitarist!


Power Quest
Feb 16, 2003
We're very pleased to announce that Nottingham-based Roy Chudobskyi has joined MR as a second guitarist. Roy hit it off with the band from the outset, and it was a very simple decision to make. Roy has played and toured in quite a few bands, including Cloven Hoof and Rainbow Rising - (the Rainbow tribute band).

Roy & Dee will be giving MR a much heavier sound for our new material, and 3 track promo, currently in the works, will be available in October.

MR will also be a 'keyboard & synth free zone' from now on, so expect a less symphonic 'back to basics' approach, and some serious riffage... :headbang:

See you all in October!

09.10.05 - The Peel, (Kingston)
15.10.05 - Damnation Festival (Manchester)
22.10.05 - MFVF3 (Weize, Belgium)
28.10.05 - Hobbits (WSM)

Roy demos guitars at this year's Bloodstock Festival..!