Mikael's moustache. Stay or go?

Should the moustache stay or go?

  • Keep It (70's Porn Star)

    Votes: 9 52.9%
  • Lose It (Jerry Seinfeld)

    Votes: 8 47.1%

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Lee B?? Hello again (i think) remember me? :cool: How you been stranger!! Yes, I'm still as crazed for Opeth as I ever was! (hint=even more!) ;)
ps-About the stash...?? (heheh...have you been downing a few pints?) welcome, there's not enough drunks on this board! It's all serious here! :p Anyway, he's a hunk either way :D but who cares as long as he's playing that godly music!!!
70s porn star...hahah
How are you? I couldn't imagine you anywhere else but an Opeth forum :) . How many shows did you go to when they played over there? When I met up with Mikeal in London a year or so back I'm sure he mentioned that you even travelled to Europe!

I was tempted to pop over myself for a show in Toronto, but I couldn't get the time from work. Yeah, I actually work for a living now! I basically do computer network stuff. Boring, but well paid. I may be making a return to the music biz, but more details about that when (if) it comes off. I'll let folks here know if they want to send demos of their bands. A couple of the MP3s I've heard linked from this site have been more than impressive.

I'm not in ENT anymore since they signed to Candlelight. I'm now playing bass for the reformed Unseen Terror, still with Shane on drums and Mitch on guitar. Should be cool. Mitch has come out with some great riffs.

Anyway, nice to see you're well anyway.

Sorry to all for the "comedy" post. I thought it might liven things up a little :) Perhaps Mikeal can do one in return? He's got plenty of ammo :heh:

Lee B
Heh. 70's porn star all the way, baby!

Mr. Lee_B... I'm a little surprised all of these Opeth fans jumped on, if I don't miss my mark, a guy Opeth dedicated their third volume to, simply for posting a humerous thread.

As for Mikael, unless they're using "covert" pseudonyms, we haven't seen any members of Opeth around this forum yet.

And, make sure to check out Thales if you haven't yet. Those guys are highly impressive. Take it easy!
well I just lost my message before it posted so let me try again.:mad:

It's very nice to find you here. Glad you're doing good too! I actually lurk more than I post, I've been vewy vewy quiet. I don't think this place is ready for my babbling, especially if I'm drinking, cause there seem to be a lot of non-warped people here. :D I wonder if they know what a compliement you saying you heard some impressive samples here. Since you (obviously) got a good ear for music... :D

Yeh I was even at the Toronto show, so too bad you didn't make it. It was killer! You guessed it... I did go to a lot of shows while they were here. My wallet still kinda aches but going to europe is so expensive too...this way I just saw more shows! It was such a blast. But now I want to go to Europe TOO! :eek:

Maybe I had your wrong addy by then, but after I saw my very first Opeth gigs in Poland, I wrote you to tell you I FINALLY HAD! (Hell, how long did you have to listen to me crying how much I NEEDED to see Opeth!) You were one of the first people I wanted to tell.. but I guess it got lost. Oh well. Here we are now. CHEERS!
Ok I guess I didn't see the humor in it and thought it was actually serious. I apologize for my comment Lee. Good to see more people coming on here.
someone posted something about this, at the metalmaniacs board:

Mikael Akerfeldt's moustach:
Worst facial hair EVER!


"thats a moustache? i thought a catapiller crawled up there and took permanent residency on his upper lip"

i think he looks better without it, but its his stach he can do as he wishes.
People seem to have a general resentment against all and any moustasches for some reason. Why? You don't hear people going ewww about dreadlocks (they might not look all that bad, but things grow in them and what not...) all the time, and lots of people think long hair on men is an abomination. Why aren't there any complaints about this?

Cheel Winstahn...
I was at a show the other day (Clutch), chatting to an old friend when I realised some guy stood next to me at the bar had one of his stinky long dreadlocks dipping in my beer...

Yes, I still drank it. Have you seen the prices in London clubs?

Lee B
We don't ever want to waste beer...

You're from Helsinki, so you don't count! It's the only city in the world where I was actually the least drunk person in the room at any given time. I've never seen anything like it.

I saw Emperor there a few years back and after the show I counted at least 30 guys lying around the floor, too drunk to even move. One guy had even pissed his pants! Now that's drinking. :)

Hats off to the guy I caught swigging my aftershave simply because there was nothing left in my hotel minibar (apart from Coke and 7up, etc).
Thank god I found where all the drinkers are hanging out!... in this thread :lol: You people are making it hard to concentrate (heh)...on work.. :lol: I want a beer now!! MUST...RESIST...URGE...to leave work now But I would have to be pretty loaded to knowingly drink a beer that someone put a cig in! (hearse, you're hardcore!) but a little hair, probably. :D It's so hard waste that joy-juice.