Mix an (inaccurate) cover of "Necessary Death" by End.

Blond Panda

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Jan 6, 2017
So... I covered Necessary Death by End.... I didn't play it correctly because I'm an idiot, but it still works.
Decided to upload the multitracks because why not?

The tracks come with DIs and Amp'd tracks for both Guitars and Bass, drum midi (programmed for Superior Drummer 3; tempo information is in a separate TXT file), bounced out drum tracks, vocal tracks and a "impact" track.

As I said, this is not an accurate cover but I did try keeping the overall feel of the original song. The tracks are mostly unedited, except for some light edits on the vocal layers and doubles.

Happy mixing, lads!

Link to the tracks:

I'm not very good at mixing, but here's my attempt at this:

Updated the link. Had to backup my drive, so I reuploaded it.
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Great job! Throw in an exciter and dip the low-mid muddiness a bit and you have a fine mix. Oh and I think vocals can come up a bit. BTW is that you on vocals? I get a ZAO vibe from this track (I've never heard the original btw).
Hey lads, thanks for the nice comments.
Guitars use a custom Bias Amp 2 model and Mercurial's "Tube's Creamer". Also, yep, that's me on vocals. My technique is horrible, as I actually completely blew out my voice doing this lol.
Here is my attempt on this cover !
A voice is still missing, i'll add it later :)

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DUDE!!! This was SO WELL DONE! Thank you for sharing the tracks; here's my mix! =D

I did an instrumental mix (I realized I forgot the drone guitar) Using the amped stems and samples you used. It's the first time I mixed my own drums. I usually use Ezdrummer. So idk how good it is. I tried to keep the guitar tone pretty raw, to give it that crude feeling