I want stout!
Aug 18, 2009
Chicago, IL
Our new album is now available for free streaming on bandcamp. CD's are available for order through our facebook page. Vinyl (Black and Gold) will be available in about a week. They also can be ordered from our German label, Underground Power. You can buy it digitally on bandcamp, Itunes, and Amazon.

If you like Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Thin Lizzy, etc...then you may dig this!

Review from Metal Squadron:

Moros Nyx “Revolution Street” (Underground Power)

I did a review of “Rite Of Rebellion, the demo tape from these guys (later also released as a 7”) a while back. The demo contained an intro as well as three regular tracks, but only the really good opening track from the tape, “Child Of The Dream” has been found worthy a place on the Chicago based quartet’s first full length. While the kind of often fast and always highly melodic “happy metal” for many years was associated with Europe, it’s nice and kind of refreshing to hear American bands trying to replicate this style, or doing it with their own twist. Moros Nyx belongs to the latter category. Even though they have some of the big, singalong choruses that you will be humming in your sleep, and they know when to add some fine guitar harmonies, they are not as fast paced as their European counterparts and the songwriting also offers a lot more diversity than expected.

While the songmaterial is rather coherent and interesting all the way through, there are a couple of highlights that deserves to be singled out for some extra praise. “Child In A Dream” has already been mentioned. It’s one of the faster songs on the album, featuring also a bit more aggressive vocals from singer MP Papai. A really high quality, melodic underground metal-hymn with lots of charm. The adventurous, 7 and a half minute long title track is also really good, somewhere in the terrain of Iron Maiden meets Keeper-era Helloween meets Gamma Ray, while “Fear Monger” has a chorus that you will be humming for weeks to come, while Kai Hansen will probably curse himself for not coming up with it. I could go on adding more tracks to the list, as both “A Time For Heroes” and “What Happens This Night” deserve to be mentioned.

To be honest, I don’t like the ballad “We Are The Damned”. It’s something about MP Papai’s vocals and his lines that doesn’t work for me. Actually I think the female singer, Satan’s Hallow’s Mandy Martillo, suits this track a lot better, something which becomes quite clear when you hear the two trade lines back and forth before they join forces. That being said, this track, along with the likes of “Captured” which has a very different structure and “Deformed In the Mind” which is more intense and has a darker approach, add quite a lot of diversity to the album. Diversity that makes this record more interesting than most new melodic heavy metal releases out there. Also, the crisp and not too massive sound, where the songs are allowed to breathe, adds to the experience. Clearly one of the finest debut albums of 2016 so far! (75/100)