Most UNDERRATTED opeth song, and other little talked about tunes!


Everybody seems to love Demon of the fall, hell, I do too. Opeth ussually play that song at the end of their concerts, because it is one of opeth's heaviest songs. It's a great song, but I find that it is a little overated. Especially when it comes right after this song on the album.

The Amen Corner

This song seems to get little recognition, and isn't talked about much. But I must say, this is an amazing song. It is quite similar to DOTF i find, in heaviness etc. but this song seems to get little recognition.

What do you think are the most underated Opeth tracks?

a few more:

Dirge For November

... and that's about it.
Originally posted by Kushantaiidan
The Amen Corner

This song seems to get little recognition, and isn't talked about much.

This tune has received extensive recoginition here in the past, you must be fairly new to this board, hehe.

My fav opeth tune for sure.

Amen Corner IS underrated. I recall someone (Hoser?) calling it the unsung hero of the album.

I love the beginning riffs; it has a macabre quality about it. It's almost spooky. (postedit: In my view, 'Madrigal' is an intro to Amen Corner, an essential part.)

Benighted is another underrated song. Beautiful, even though a bit plagiazized hehe.
the whole of bwp (with the exception of the drapery falls) is under rated

i personally think that it's their best album....the leper affinity is thei heaviest song in my opinion and bleak is a killer song, simple but great
A lot of people seem to dislike Nectar...well not like as much as others, I don't think anyone on this board dislikes ANY Opeth songs.

But I really love this song, I've been listening to ita a lot lately...


That's my rant over with.
Nectar is one of their top five "tunes" for sure. Few other songs have expression like what is contained in the middle parts. "I swear I will always love you..", "Leave me speechless.." Certainly my favorite off Morningrise - by the way, am I the only one who prefers Night and the Silent Water and Nectar over the rest?

If I am going to be critical about Amen Corner, the beginning drags a bit but from the first acoustic part on we're talking about the album's crowning moments.

I will always say In The Mist She Was Standing is underrated, because it's quite basically the song I can get lost in the most. This translates as "it is my favorite song". ;)
It's funny, because I just made a compilation CD for my car, and The Amen Corner was the Opeth song I put on it. I was looking for a song I don't hear as much about - and that was the one I picked. Great tune.
Amen Corner definately. And In the Mist She Was Standing. My favorite off of Orchid definately.

I don't hear Moonlapse Vertigo mentioned much either. I love that falling melody in it, the whole song is kind of sad but uplifting.

Wait, wait. PROLOGUE! Maybe.