I know it's cliché, but I'm a die hard star wars fan. Ever since I saw "A New Hope" in 1981 I've been hooked.
I even flew to New York to see the premiere of "The Phantom Menace" :D
I am/was a Star Wars fanatic too... but unfortunately I didn't like "The Phantom Menace" at seemed to me as if they were trying too hard to keep up all those Star Wars clichés without inventing something new. And IMO the actors aren't as good today as they were 20 years ago, but maybe it's just me... :p
I haven't even seen the new one (Episode 2).
The special editions of the original movies, that came out in '97 were cool though...
Originally posted by *M*
I even flew to New York to see the premiere of "The Phantom Menace" :D

That sounds cool... it reminds me of my trip to New Jersey ('94) for a special gig of a band I wanted to see... :)
I payed $200,- for the ticket... and I had to buy 2... but it took me only few hours to find someone as crazy as me to join... :D
I saw Minority Report yesterday, and I have to say I was slightly dissapointed. It did not live up to the hype. There were several times during the movie where speilberg could have made more exciting and captivating turns, but instead chose the simple and predictable. The ending was just too nice and "wrapped up"... no lose strings... happy ending for all the good guys etc. Visually it was fairly exciting, but nothing we havent seen before really.
I'm kind of a sucker for old sci-fi"The day the earth stood still" "war of the worlds" are just great, can't compare the visual fx with the current of course. The PI is so ruling.....looking for ward to the "Hypercube".

I'm also dissapointed with "Minority report" and another movie that have a good concept is "Memento" but somehow it didn't turn out that great.

mr V
:eek: mr V! You in here :)
I still have to see PI :rolleyes: - actually it isn't really my subject but then again, the website was kind of interesting. SInce you mentioned it related to PI in a way or is that a completely different thing? :confused:

@ Mocika: you got the LOTR movie later than us over here, right!? We've probably already told you too much on the Borkies board but then again.....the web's full of reports on the movie. I'm curious to hear how you liked it.
TTT was just great, much more acurate than FOTR....and Gollum just glares.....haven't seen any better computer generated animation(even if they used the spot suit to film it)

mr V
Last night I finally saw the extended version of 'The Fellowship of the Ring', it's much better than the normal movie version.

@Gauni: I will let you.. just a few more days.. :D

@Mr V.: old sci-fi movies... have you seen Metropolis? It's a silent movie from 1926.
damn, i still haunting for limited edition of "LOTR" with 4 dvd, but i can't get... :(
How small are the movies at your place, Morg? Cannot believe you don't get tickets.

Gollum for sure is a highlight - I just loved the dialogues he had with his Alter ego, that was brilliant.
And I watched a bit of that FOTR 4 DVD box when I was at my dutch friends' place over new year. There's tons of stuff to watch...we didn't even come close to finish with the first of two "making of" discs. I'd love to have those, too...........but I need a DVD player first :rolleyes: