Muders In The Rue Morgue!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 16, 2001
Maryland USA
Visit site that I am done sitting on my a$$ not recording..I have found that I am being productive.

I finished punching in bits on Murders and spent quite a bit of time mixing down. I put the first mix of a karaoke track on Myplay.

Let me know what you all think. :)
Track name = Karaoke-Muders In The Rue Morgue.mp3

Singers...anyone interested in singing on this puppy?

Going to nail the beast solo next. (probably tomorrow)
Then its off to re-explore Eagles. ever gonna give me Losfer Words and Reach Out drum tracks? *BEG*
Rabs.........nice work, the music sounds great. The drums are a bit under the mix though. i'd raise em up a bit or double the drum track and keep that one much lower just to add the bottom end. other than that it's great!
At first I thought you were smoking crack Jim. However, I was listening to it over a monitor the other day (as opposed to headphones) and I thougth to myself "hmm..drums are kinda low...hey..wait..didn't MaidenMan say that?" :p

I'll raise em somehow and re-mix. It'll take I did a bit of post production work..and quite frankly, I didn't bother writing down what I did (which is what I usually do) this I have to start all over. :cry:
haha well I've been of the glass pipe for a while now:)

You know i didnt even listen to it through hy headphones, it wasnt a bad mix so you dont have to start from scratch.....unless you really feel the need, lol. it's up to you