Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
Checking out cold now.....

Definitely some heavy stuff. Damn those guitars are tuned way down there! Definitely good headbanging material. Ok, the vocals have kicked in.....Not really to my liking though.

Ok sorry.....I can hear the higher pitched vox have kicked in, which are pretty intense! A nice contrast to the low gurgles....More high vox!!! haha..:D

The instrumentation is great, very well played tune. It's a bit too repetitious for me, bt it's kept short and sweet which is good. Interesting stuff.


Slog Lord
Sep 8, 2001
Oakland, Ca
after about a month we finally got our shit back up there at go see whats up in the world of sludge

Nice name, I can relate especially since I'm recently engaged myself. I don't know why I used the :( :( i just thought it looked cool sorry to be confusion, it is a good review. Our site is finally back up so check that shit out, it should actually be updated soon as well.
Till Fjalls,
Thanks for checking us out, I know people would probably expect us to have higher vox because of my screen name, but we are pretty death metal, old school though. There are some higher vox on our new material as well in our cover of Black Sabbath, hopefully we can put the Mp3 for that up soon
Fuck yeah old Sanctuary is the shit. too bad nevermore don't play any of those songs any more. They need to bring that shit back.