Music player app that finds everything and lets you make a playlist

May 24, 2021
Unfortunately in the google play apps i've found, sometimes they won't find all the tracks you put on your phone, and i have yet to find one that will let you make playlists out of pirated mp3s.

What are your favorite music player apps?
Depends on the device. I use AIMP in the car because it's the first free one I found that had no ads and I got used to it. On the phone I use a very old version of Google Play because I'm a cheap bastard and wont update my phone.
on my desktop i use foobar2000, i've been using it for years and until now all my needs for listening to music can be run well!
on mobile for online i use Spotify, for offline i use my phone default app Huawei Music..
It's frustrating when music apps don't recognize all your tracks or allow playlist creation from pirated MP3s. I've been using Spotify mostly. Any recommendations?
I used to use Apple music. Now I listen to music wherever I have to. I'm tired of the idea that I have to pay for music all the time, not to musicians, but primarily to the platform. I guess that's my opinion of music today overall. By the way, one of the discussions here starts with this question, which made me think about this topic. After a while pirate music doesn't seem to be something bad to me anymore.