Musician/Band trademark sounds....

Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
What bands or musicians do you know that have specific elements or subtle nuances that make it immediately recognizable. It may be as little as on second of a song, but it has to be something that only this band in particular uses.

Case in point: old Man's Child. Galder has this extremely distinct riffing style, so many of his riffs have this way of starting on a chord, playing a bunch more, then then doing this funky little thing on a chord a half step below the chord that started the riff, giving it an evil feel. Just try to play a few of his songs, you'll see what I mean. And I know no other bands thatuse this.

Also, Martin Lopez has a distinct little cymball accent that he often uses. Check out the Leper Affinity, the part just before Mike sings "your body is mine...", he does this crash cymbal accent type thing. I've noticed it on many other songs, even in Amon Amarth, I like to call them Lopezisms. Again never heard any other drummer do it quite like that.

Any other distinct musical things in bands?