MY KEMPER PROFILES - all Amps of the Axe Fx2, Helix, Vetta 2 and many real Amps (over 800) FREE!!


Have fun with my profiles guys

And i update them from time to time, so yeah...keep you eyes open

On the newer Profiles i try to make variations of the amp with settings at noon or very broadbandsound so that you have a good base for further tweaking and i make many di Profiles now becaue they sound the best into a cab imo

For Guitar:


Victory Kraken (Direct & Studio) - i always use the "fav c" profile

Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe (Direct Profiles)

Soldano SLO 100 (Studio)

Koch Jupiter (Studio)

Engl Invader (Direct & Studio) -> of every Channel with every Setting)

Engl Sovereign Combo (Studio)

Marshall MS2C (Direct) -> great for Stoner-Rock, very Fuzzy

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectum Frier (Direct & Studio)

Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz Pedal (Direct) -> also great for Stoner-Rock, very Fuzzy

Roland Micro cube (Direct & Studio)

Peavey 5150 Combo (Studio)

Peavey 6505+ (Direct, all channels, all switching options)

Orange Dual Terror (Direct & Studio)

Vox AC 30 (Direct & Studio)

ZT Lunchbox amp (Direct & Studio) -> Try it with your real pedals !


Line6 Vetta 2 Head (Direct, all Amps)

Line6 Helix (Direct, all Amps)

AxeFX2 Firmware 7.02 (Direct, all Amps)


Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz Pedal (Direct) -> also great for Stoner-Rock, very Fuzzy

HBE Big D (Direct)

Golden Brownie (Direct)

TC Bodyrez (Direct)

ZVex Fuzzfactory (Direct)

J. Rath DI Cabsim (Direct)

For Bass:


Mesa M2000 (Direct & Studio)

Doomachine (Studio)


Two Notes Le Bass (Direct Profiles)

Harley Benton Bass DI (Direct Profiles)

and try different Cabs!

here they are

I hope you find something you like and i'm ultra curious what you do and record with these Profiles

I always happy when someone uses them in a recording, send me your stuff
I'm looking forward to it

Have fun!



Here Is the Dropbox-Link to the Helix Profiles:

(DI AND with some with a cab, but i recommend the DI Profiles)

Here you can find the Soundcloud Comparison between the Helix and the Kemper:


Here is the link to the AxeFx2 profiles (all DI)

Here you can find the Soundcloud Comparison between the AxeFx and the Kemper:


Here is the link to all my Profiles

Have Fun Guys!

And here are some Samples made with my Profiles





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That would be so amazing feature - and that would still mean that hardware is required (no piracy issues). And it would mean there's no redundant DA AD DA AD conversion and signal loss - just signal stream processing.
i just Updated the Amps ... i added a fender blues deluxe and direct profiles of the ac30, and dual terror...

to the reamping thing ... i record the main signal + a dry signal then i add a vst to fill in everthing the parts in the song needs (if needed or to have a clean signal if really something doesn't work) but most of the time i just use the kemper signal
other than that i never use VSTs amps alone expecially with guitars and the number of tracks that are sometimes in a track AND
i simply can't work with vst because it causes endless tweaking ... and if you use the kemper you have with many interfaces latency less monitoring and with a vst you are always cahing buffersizes when you play to mixing then you have to mute or freeze channels when you have to much cpu load and so on ... yeah i really don't miss working with vsts but that is just my opinion i'm very happy with the kemper and i have to say before i had the kemper i bought and sold so many amps and effects and was always unhappy but the kemper stays and the profiles are also promotion, the last amps i bought were chosen after i found good profiles of it ...