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May 1, 2001
I'm going to the L'amours show this Saturday. I never heard Nevermore, Angel Dust or God Forbid. Are any of these bands worth seeing? I'm really pissed that Amorphis didn't come to New York!

New Yorkers, check out the Haunted, Dimmu and Can Corpse on May 7 at Limelight.
Nevermore is the best band on the planet. They are a combination of old Queensryche (Warning, Rage for Order) and old Metallica (Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets). Their singer, Warrel Dane is incredible. Jeff Loomis is the best guitar player in the genre. And Van Williams is an absolutely amazing drummer.

Angel Dust is classic 80's/90's power metal in the style of Helloween. They are a very solid act, and I hear they are quite good live.

God Forbid is an all black death metal band. They just released their debut on Century Media Records.

Don't get me wrong, I like Opeth (I have each of their last two discs), but I am going to see Nevermore. I saw them in November with In Flames and they were incredible. I am also going to the Nevermore/Opeth show in NJ on Thursday. Maybe I'll see you in NY.

I have seen the Opeth/ Nevermore show. I would advise anyone who is into Opeth to check out this show. Opeth simply were outstanding to say the least. Although they only played for what seemed to me to be a short set. Opeth should, without a doubt, be headlining this tour!!! Also, if anyone should get a chance, don't hesitate to go up to the band members and introduce yourself. They are very down to earth guys!!

Hey - I'll see you at the NJ show General Zod! :) The place it's at is a straight edge club - no alcohol, and vegan menus. Pretty interesting. If you're interested, and you're going to be in NJ for a little while, Opeth is going to be signing autographs at a NJ record store called Vintage Vinyl, and also giving away a signed guitar. Vintage Vinyl is probably one of the best record stores on the east coast! Check out the web site for directions - . Go get your albums signed by the men themselves! :)
I beg to differ....

God Forbid are not black death at all (besides any high screams) more like somewhat
melodic(not even remotely in any comparism to Swedish melodic) yet mediocre death metal.
I really did not get much from this band.

Angeldust - Now that name was one hell of a misconception. The title brang to mind the old Venom tune which I thought maybe this somehow correlated, not! This band was pretty high on the cheese richter scale. The riffs were pretty generic and simple and the guitarist's solos were kind of choppy. He could not pull off the sweeping arpegios he was trying to. I am not going to even go into what the vocalist souned like (well you can tell what's in store just by how he looks).

Nevermore- I don't know what I think of this band. I haven't heard enough by them and was not compelled to stay at the show even after hearing a couple songs(plus the fact I had to drive a long distance back home so I wanted to leave early). Some of the riffs just sounded too ...chug a chug a chug...that typical kind of riff. Sure the guitarist can do some interesting solos but I don't know, to each his own.

(and ofcourse) Opeth - They ruled! Great sound, what I traveled so far to hear. Music which you don't hear locally(or nationwide(in US) for that matter). It was every bit worth it. My only thing is I wish they played Leper Affinity like the last show but due to a cut in the list I understand.

I think you misunderstood me, when I said that God Forbid "is an all black, death metal band". The guys from God Fobid are in fact African American. Not that it makes a difference, but you just don't find to many black bands doing this kind of music.


To Gen. Zod :

Ah yeah, haha, sorry about that. I have to admit for the band conisisting mainly of black guys(well one white bassist, black drummer and singer and 2 mixed/hispanic guitarists) they atleast are playing a style of music which I can respect. They kicked Angeldust's ass and were better than the band which opened up for Opeth and Amorphis the last time around(in TO).

I'm also going to the L'amour date this Saturday. I am so beyond psyched to see Opeth! I've been waiting a couple years now to see them live (since before MAYH came out). I saw Nevermore on their last tour, with In Flames and they were great live. Not one of my favorite bands, but a great band nonetheless.
Yeah, I was so disappointed that Amorphis didn't come to the area on this tour. I missed out on their last NYC appearance, at Coney Island High a year or two ago, and I've been waiting to see them.
Opeth is who I'm really going for though, regardless of the other bands.
I'm also going to the Candiria/Shadows Fall show the night before at L'amour. This should be a great weekend. :D

Originally posted by gotham
You should check out dimmu borgir on Monday too!

I'd love to... I've been a fan of theirs for a while. As well as the Haunted, and Cannibal Corpse. I have a psychology final on the 9th though, so I'll be studying. :cry:

Maybe we can meet up and smoke a joint or something. I'll let you know what I intend on wearing before the show.

agree with akerfeld.... opeth are amazingly down to earth. went to see them in texas with nevermore.... opeth should have headlined!!! they played a song from each of their albums. cool guys, took tons of pics. and got plenty of autographs.:D
i just saw opeth last night in az they were fucking awesome i got to give them a ride to their hotel and hang out with them they are fucking amazing live the sound was incredible.
i got out of my car and walked up to the club and there they were standing there talking to some guy about how to get to this hotel so i jumped in and said i know right where its at and my friend and i could drive them so peter and michael road with me it was the coolest shit they even dedicated the drapery falls to me and my friend at the show cause i asked them to play it. they were so cool