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Sep 4, 2001
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Does anyone know where to get videos for "What Tomorrow Knows" and "Next In Line"? I saw them on and I have the "Believe In Nothing" Video. I assume these videos maybe on centurymedia compilations but if anyone knows otherwise please share the info. Thanks and Cheers
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Both videos are included on the European version of the Dead Heart CD.

And just to confirm, "What Tomorrow Knows" is on the compilation called "Music Television Go to Hell" and "Next in Line" is on the one called "Declaration of Independence".
YING, Thanks for the information. I guess I'll order the European version of DHIADW. I live in America and feel frustrated when U.S. versions don't contain bonus tracksand such. Cheers!!!:loco:
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She sreams from the alcove, I AM THE DOG!!!