New album update? Anyone?

The Metal Reb

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May 13, 2018
Okay. It's been nearly 6 months since the about a little hustle on the most anticipated metal release in 2021!
We have received several teasers since your post and Matt admitting to his burnout (rightfully so) plus the revealing of the heel that member of the band who has been rightfully excommunicated. and the last I heard they have plenty of material but haven't even approached the recording company about it! To me That is hilarious!
New album Mosaic to be released October 13th, 2023, through Atomic Fire Records.



01. Flicker
02. Anonymus
03. Mosaic
04. Sinsidious (The Dogs of War)
05. Return to Dust
06. The Sixth Great Extinction
07. Deified
08. The Greatest Hope
09. Liar, Fool, or Messiah
10. Red Sea