New Ikuinen Kaamos song/New Album details

For those who are like me and too impatient to wait another week or so until the official release date, Fall of Icons has leaked. First listen sounds pretty good, I'm gonna go preorder it now.
Haha, yeah I know what you mean, I can't seem to fully enjoy an album if I haven't payed for it. I've got this damn voice in the back of my head that lectures me saying, 'Think of all the hours of practice and dedication that it's taken to create this album that you're enjoying so much, and you're too stingy to pay about an hours wages for it! Add that to the fact that with recording and equipment costs, the band probably made this album at a loss, and here you are enjoying the fruits of their labour for free! Go and buy it you miserly bastard!' So yeah, for me $29.95 (or less) is a small price to pay for a clear conscience I reckon.