New live OPETH photos up!


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Apr 29, 2001
Solitary Refinement
All the photos I took at the Opeth show last night (May 8th) in Charlotte, North Carolina are now up @

Now for a little summary of the gig:

God Forbid: Much better than I expected. Not really my thing, but great musicians and some good moments. I felt like it was hardcore meets melodic Swedish parts.

Angel Dust: Completely horrible in my opinion. Cheesy German power-metal with awful keyboards. Sounded like Journey meets German power-metal. NOT my thing at all.

Opeth: Fucking FANTASTIC of course! The guys were full of energy, and every member headbanged - including Mike. The sound was perfect! While standing in line outside the venue to buy tickets, I heard them soundchecking with "The Drapery Falls" - and it sounded exactly like the CD. Perfect guitar tone. The setlist was a little too short - but I think that was because the venue had a curfew. The setlist was:

White Cluster
The Drapery Falls
The Leper Affinity
Demon of the Fall

About one minute into Demon of the Fall, Mike broke a string on his guitar - but because they were pressed for time they couldn't restart. Instead, the band continued to play and Mike simply put his guitar down against the drum riser. Mike sang without the guitar and got COMPLETELY into it! He ran around the stage headbanging like a madman with the mic in hand. Of course the music didn't sound as good as it would have with two guitars, but it was such a unique and special moment reguardless. Great night..

I'll see them again tomorrow night, so it'll be good to see if they can throw another song in (hopefully Forest of October).

You can see photos of this madness at the URL listed above..


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May 1, 2001
Vancouver, Canada
I like the one of Mike headbanging during DotF, whipping his hair back as it's glowing red. That's cool.

Incidentally, just checking out some of the rest of your site, the ICQ indicator and updated SkyCam thing (if it worked, I'd imagine, anyways) are really really cool. AND... I didn't realize at first that the name at the bottom of the official Katatonia site was yours. Nice job.


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Apr 16, 2001
Hey good work mate! It's just a shame I'll never have a chance to return the favour, unless I venture to the northern hemisphere.....


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Aug 21, 2001
Austin, TX, USA
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yeah those pics are pretty sweet