New Music Video - Raise Your Horns

Yeah I liked it, rad to see folks from Slayer, Anthrax, Trivium, Machine Head and sooo many others in there. There must be some people on here who's clip got in there too, right?? :D
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What a great song. I'm a big fan of everything new. I am a starting musician and I'm looking for partners to set up a band that will play metal music. I don't have any connections yet and I'm not sure where are we going to sing. I'm just an enthusiast from London dreaming out loud of big stages and thousands of fans. You don't have to be a professional and you don't need to have a flat in order to be able to be part of this band. Our "headquarters" will be located near a company specialized in supplying audiovisual & technical event production services across the UK, called OnTourEvents. So here is the local AV company in London, and next to him will be our "headquarters".
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