New review on Lords Of Metal


Nov 14, 2005
Meyvn are five absolute lunatics from Texas, showing their skills by playing very intensive metal performed on a very high level. Put Dream Theater, Dillinger Escape Plan and Dragonforce in a blender, add a bit of Atheist and Watchtower and there you are: a spicy glass of Meyvn drink.

The band is extremely technical, performs most of the time on high speed, and is capable of writing well-structured and innovative songs. Songs such as 'How Far We Fall', 'Disturbed' and the brilliant, eleven minute 'One World' featuring completely over the top guitar solos, give you hardly any chance to breath. Fortunately there are a few calmer tunes on the album, such as 'Arise' and the acoustical instrumental 'Power Of Fear'. Daredevil music. Not everyone will enjoy this album as much as I do. It's too heavy for proggies, too hectic for power metallers and too melodic for mathcore fans. Meyvn released a killer cd, and with an album like this they definitely deserve a place on the bill on this year's progpower fest in Baarlo, The Netherlands.

Rating: 89/100