New WHEATUS Single!


Apr 13, 2001
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From the (don't ask what I was doing there, OK?)

New WHEATUS Single!
In early 2002 Wheatus will release a special double sided single, featuring songs from their self-titled debut album.

The band are currently on tour in the UK & Ireland and will be touring through to 20th December, so make sure you catch them at one of the dates below, before they leave for New York, to begin work on their second album. As explained by Pete Brown "Although we will not be in mom and dads basement this time - we will stick with the same formulas that gelled our first album".

The Double A sided single, features 'Wannabe Gangstar' and 'Leroy'. Leroy is your typical Wheatus rocker! 'Gangstar' was re-recorded and remixed for the single release, and Brendan's remix version features Iron Maiden's frontman, Bruce Dickinson. You'll see Bruce in action in the accompanying promo video, which we will be sneak previewing here on site very soon !
he is probally thinking, this is a great way to get big world wide publicity.
Actually I've heard that he's only in the clip for 5 seconds, and that he doesn't actually sing, it's just a scream. I don't think he recorded it with them, he's just in the clip.