Newcastle 30 Parramatta 24

I think right about now Stevo is drowning his sorrows in a mountain of booze and crossy is about to tear the town of Newcastle apart with the rest of the city :lol:

Could someone please check if the real Parramatta turned up to play and what The Knights had in their pre game drinks?

I never would have thought the knights would win! :eek:
Go the underdog! :D
Dunno what you people thought but to me the game was'nt much of a spectacle ok lots of points scored etc but no big hits or softing up period . I watched the First Division (Sorry Stevo) & Parra lost this as well but the game seemed much better.

It didnt seenm right having a Grand Final at night .

Maybe I am old fart.
I've always believed Gus Gould when he says that "the only way to achieve victory in today's game is to deprive the opposition of possession of the ball."

... and that's EXACTLY what the Knights did in the first 40mins. They had ALL the possession at the right times, we made errors that gave away field position and the Knights took advantage of it by running their huge forwards hard at our little blokes close to the line. The Knights' completion rate was emmaculate -- almost 'perfect' Rugby League; 1 error, their missed tackle rate half of that of the Eels -- and thus sending the Eels on the back foot. 24-0 at halftime. Damn... there's no team in the NRL that can come back from a lead like that -- 4 converted tries to zip.

It took the Eels an hour to get their act together (17mins into 2nd half)... smashing the Knights' 4 tries to nothing ratio down to just one converted try (6pts). In the end, the Eels just ran out of time -- wonder what would have happened if there was another 5mins on the clock. Ah well... that's the game of Rugby League.

I will concede... the Knights won fair & square!!! They pulled a 'Parramatta' on Parramatta -- Michael Hagan obviously took Phil Gould's advice and attacked us early and thus obtaining a fierce lead before halftime. I'm not upset... I'm not pissed off. Coming back from a 24pt deficit to just a 6pt deficit pleased me from no end.

I haven't watched the replay yet (I'm only going from my severely hazed memory of what I saw in the Leagues Club audtiorium last night), but I thought Harrigan's refereeing wasn't too bad. Touch judges missed a few drop-balls in the tackle rucks... but what can you do?

The Eels now have a new '4th' enemy! This defeat cannot, and will not, be tolerated. :heh: :loco:

See you in 2002!!! (It can't come quick enough!!!)
I'd posted a big reply to this, but for some reason the post didn't work - must have stuffed it up.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was at the game and was quite disappointed. Not in the result, but just in the fact that I spent a heap of money (worthless Ansett tickets, hotel room, car hire from Brisbane) to see what was not exactly an exciting game. Oh well - had a good time anyway!