there are indeed news on Lunaris, but I am not sure whether you all will like. The fact is that the band went through major changes just before christmas. Men, M and Balfori decided to take the band back to the roots and do the next album for ourselves. However, it was not long until I found out that this was not for me, and decided to quit the Band. Lunaris is now only M and Balfori. There are plans for a new album, but due to a lot going on in their lives at the moment, we do not know when it will happen. The relationship with Earache imprint Elitist is also over, so the guys are up to a fresh start.

BumZen said:
Thank God M is still there...

Hi BumZen. Denmark is gay and you only listen to Iced Earth. Actually no that's not true, three years ago you only listened to Iced Earth. Now you listen to Iced Earth and gangsta rap.
Damn straight!
Been listening a lot to the Swedish gangsta rap group LoopTroop lately... you should love that! Especially because you only listen to mainstream rap like Dre...

I hate you...