Novembers Doom listening party tomorrow night!!!!!!


Lost to Apathy
Feb 26, 2002
Knoxville, TN
Your friendly DJ rhavin2112 (Apocalyptic Raids, will be playing the new Novembers Doom CD "To Welcome The Fade" from beginning to end Friday, September 13 starting at midnight eastern standard time. Also, the winners of the Novembers Doom Contest will be announced. Both Paul Kuhr (vocalist) and Eric Burnley (guitarist) have promised that they would attempt to be on hand (but don't be disappointed if they can't make it) also I plan to invite Neil Kernon (producer of "To Welcome The Fade") to be in the IRC channel as well. If you haven't heard Novembers Doom yet, or if you are a longtime fan, please tune in and join us in the IRC chatroom!!!

for first time listeners:

To tune in to the radio show-go to, and click the listen tab. (requires realplayer-link is availible on the site if you need to download it)

To join in the live chat during the broadcasts, use an IRC application (the downloads button will help you out if you don't have one). You'll need to set the following information in your program (refer to the instructions for your irc application for more information on how to do this):

Description (name): SeismicRadio

IRC Server: is what you should usually use for your server.

However, occasionally this is down, in which case you should try the following:


Port: 6667

Then, when you connect to irc server, join channel #Seismic by choosing it from the channel menu or typing /join #seismic, and there you are!