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Oct 1, 2002
Louisiana, USA
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Hi. I understand 2 band members from Katatonia are doing the October Tide project. I have only heard Grey Dawn, and it is an amazing album. I read some where that October Tide has broken up. Is this true? If not, when canI expect new stuff?
October Tide is "dead and buried"( Jonas´words). Anyway, some of us still hope in a resurrection...
I also have another question about another band. The band Diabolical Maquerade. The guy who does this is "Blakkheim" right? Is his real name Anders Nyström? I always look around the web and the official website for news about this band but it has not bene updated in over a year. I absolutely love Diabolical Masquerade. Does anyone know if he is still doing this project?
Yes,his name is indeed Anders Nyström, and yes, he's still releasing albums with Diabolical Masquerade. The last one was "Death's design".
Don't wonder about the site, it has been like this for a while now, just another "deadsite" :lol:
Yes I know some thing's about Diabolical Masquerade and their album's. It's one of my favorite band's actually. I just can't wait for some news on a new album.... I wonder what it is going to be like....

There happen's to be one thing I don't know. I see "Death's Design" is a movie soundtrack or is "supposed" to be. At first I thought it was true. Then I was told "no it is not true". But then I went and looked on the Diabolical Masquerade website and it said "yes this is an actual movie soundtrack". Then I was very suprised that it was true. But then I talked to someone else, and I was told "no it really is not true, it is a joke and is supposed to fool people". So I dont know what to believe. I don't think it is really true, but hey it's possible. Does anyone know anything about this?
Yes. I have read that many times, and I was told that the press section is not true, and it is to fool people. You see what I mean? It's either that press section is correct and I'm wrong, or the press section is not true and they are still pushing a joke.
Just want to say that I think Rain Without End is really good, Grey Dawn is so-so...
Originally posted by Johan
Just want to say that I think Rain Without End is really good, Grey Dawn is so-so...
Both albums are very excellent i.m.o. Grey Dawn is also a great album, melodic, moody, great...

About DM "Death's Design", I honestly don't believe a movie called "Death's Design" was ever even supposed to come out, but the story was "made up" to create the impression of an actual movie soundtrack, rather than something supposed to be a movie soundtrack.

@Thared, 4 of the 7 tracks off Rain Without End are available at www.mp3.com/octobertide. 2 only for streaming, the other 2 are also downloadable.