New Metal Member
Sep 19, 2017
Santiago, Chile
Hey! Long time lurker, first time poster.

I've been doing this for a while now and I want to offer mixing for anyone that needs it.
Not gonna charge 'cause I'm still trying to learn and perfect what I know, and it makes no sense to start charging when no one knows your work, literally zero clout here.

I have no preference for a certain genre but I feel like death metal is my strong suit and I'm not a fan of ultra bright, clinically clean modern mixes but I'm open minded and willing to work with pretty much anyone.

Also, I do not have any MIDI drum software so I'll have to reject any work that involves replacing MIDI drums 'cause I'll not be able to deliver a good product. Still, I have drum triggering software and tons of samples, so I am able to replace live drums.

You can hear my work here. There's very different kinds of mixes and everything you will hear in there is my work (mixed, written and performed).